Ciao AlfaCity 2024

2024-06-28  Alfa Amore
Another year has passed, we are back here in AlfaCity, where you can spend this weekend among the most beautiful cars and in the best company. We tried to put together this year's program in such a way that we offer you a lot of interesting things, excitement and, of course, relaxation.
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The year 2024 is once again exciting for Alfa Romeo, as the brand's first model - the Junior -, also available in an full electric version, was presented. The youngest Alfa caused quite a storm, as it represents a new design language, and so its name also had to be changed. Originally, it would have been Milano, as a tribute to the city of Milan, where the history of the brand began on June 24, 1910. Although Milano is now Junior, with our AlfaCity Magazine this year we're taking a little tour of Milan: we'll show you how it became the capital of fashion, and we'll take a look at its most interesting sights.

 This year is already our 17th AlfaCity, but it is even more important that Alfa Amore is 20 years old in 2024. Our website was launched in April 2004 with the aim of uniting domestic Alfa Romeo owners and promoting our favorite brand. If you take a look around AlfaCity this year, maybe you too will see how successful this was. After all - according to our hopes - more than 1,000 Alfa Romeos have arrived on Szalki Island, together with 3,000-4,000 fans.

 Welcome our exhibitors, take a look around their stands, because many interesting programs and gifts are waiting for you everywhere this year. Take part in our passport game, because we are preparing a special raffle and valuable prizes for the most active Alfa fans.

 We hope that you’ll have much fun in AlfaCity this year as well. Like every year, we ask you to do the same this year: write to us, tell us how you liked the event, evaluate our work, and we are waiting for your ideas on how we can make AlfaCity even better, more interesting and more colorful in the coming years.

Have (al)fun!

Zsolt Halápi (Halesz) and the AlfaCity Crew


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